Financial Times: Framework usage up 250%, says Tussell

Financial Times: Framework usage up 250%, says Tussell

Posted by Ben Pollard Picture of Ben Pollard on 05 June 2024

On June 3rd 2024, the Financial Times published an article highlighting the growing usage of framework agreements across UK public sector procurement.

Tussell framework data was at the core of this analysis.

The following summary unpacks the major findings of the piece.

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The Financial Times cited analysis from Tussell which showed that more than £35b of contracts were awarded to the private sector in 2023 via 'framework agreements'.

This equates to a 250% increase since 2019, when only £10b of contracts were awarded via frameworks.

Source: Tussell


Procurement experts at the NAO worry that increased framework usage reduces transparency and can lead to smaller suppliers being excluded from the bidding process.

However, Tussell's founder - Gus Tugendhat - says that frameworks can also provide benefits to contracting authorities by streamlining the procurement process and making government purchasing quicker.


The Cabinet Office claims that the Procurement Act - which goes live on October 28th - will increase transparency and improve reporting on public sector procurement.

The Act is also set to introduce new types of pre-approved supplier arrangements, like Dynamic Markets.



As the market's trusted source of public sector data, this marks the 266th time that Tussell's been cited by the media since the beginning of the year.

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You can read the full Financial Times article here.


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