Know your public sector accounts inside and out


Get rich information on your target accounts, their supplier relationships, tenders, contracts and key-decision makers, all in one place.

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You can't grow your accounts without knowing them first

Your priority is to deeply understand your accounts.


But with data on them in so many different places, it's easy to feel like you're not getting the full picture.


Without all the information in front of you, you could be missing out on vital intelligence and opportunities within your key accounts.

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Tussell pulls back the curtain on your accounts

Tussell provides deep insight into over 8,000 public sector contracting authorities - across local government, central government, the NHS and everything in between - giving you unparalleled intelligence on the accounts that matter to you.

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Here's what you can do

Get an overview of your target accounts

Easily see how much your target accounts are spending on the services you provide, and everyone they're currently working with.

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... or dig a bit deeper

Dig into a contract authority's relationships with specific suppliers, the tenders and contracts they're publishing, and the frameworks they're actually using.

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Build new relationships

Generate a list of key decision-makers in your accounts, to enable you to build meaningful relationships that open doors to new opportunities.

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Tussell customers are winning new contracts 4x faster than the rest of the market

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How to understand & expand your accounts with Tussell

Account profiling
Supplier landscaping
Contract landscaping
Opportunity pipelines
Stakeholder management

Account profiling

Get to grips with your accounts' sizes and scale:

  • Sum how much your accounts have spent with suppliers in your sector in the past.

  • See the largest contracts your accounts have awarded to suppliers.

  • Understand how your accounts' buying behaviour compares to other authorities in your sector.

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Supplier landscaping

Use Tussell to identify the important players in your accounts, across a range of metrics:

  • See who your accounts have the spending the most with in the last 12 months vs. the last 3 years.

  • See your accounts' top suppliers by contract value and contract volume.

  • See which SMEs your accounts and doing business with.


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Contract landscaping

Dig into the largest live and past contracts your accounts have awarded.

  • Filter contracts by value, finding those in your target range.

  • See which frameworks your accounts are using to award contracts in your sector.

  • Find the contracts awarded to your competitors.


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Opportunity pipelines

Get the forward view of upcoming opportunities with your accounts to stay one step ahead.

  • Find contracts in your sector that are due to renew in 6, 12 and 24 months.

  • Get immediately alerted whenever new, relevant opportunities appear.

  • Use framework and supplier data to paint a picture of the likely bid context.


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Stakeholder management

Easily find the key decision-makers in your target accounts, letting you map out the network of stakeholders you need to deepen ties with.


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Account Managers put their trust in Tussell

"Tussell acts as my eyes and ears across all public sector organisations, whether central government, local government or emergency services. It really is a one-stop shop for any procurement information you need."

Jennifer Simmonds, Senior Manager - UK Central Government Sector

... as do the UK's top government suppliers

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Tussell: the all-in-one market intelligence platform

Tussell aggregates trillions of pounds worth of public procurement data into a single place, providing you with an unparalleled vantage point to find new business, trends and insights.

  • Get new insights into your public sector market
  • Get alerted whenever relevant opportunities go live
  • Build a pipeline of upcoming opportunities
  • Dig into your competitors and target accounts
  • Access the contact details of key decision-makers