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Whenever the media reports on UK public contracts or spending, Tussell is their go-to source.

From breaking stories on government PPE contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic, to uncovering public spending with Gazprom during the war in Ukraine, our data has become essential to journalists who want to shine a light on government procurement.

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Why does the media turn to Tussell?

Tussell aggregates, cleans and enhances all publicly available procurement data.

This means Tussell can produce highly reliable and accurate insights into UK public procurement that the media can't get anywhere else.

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Tussell in the news

Here are just a few of our most recent citations in the press:

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29th June 2023
“Covid Inquiry: When will Boris Johnson give evidence and what will we learn?”
- Jamie Bullen, The Telegraph
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13th June 2023
“Even before the first witness is sworn in, the inquiry has spent £23m, while it and several government departments have issued long-term contracts for around £126m, according to Tussell."”
- Robert Booth, The Guardian
GMB Union-1
6th June 23
“Over the past five years, central and local government has spent £684m on contracts with Amazon and its subsidiaries, according to Tussell’s analysis.”
- Heather Stewart, The Guardian
inews imgage
30th May 23
“The Home Office was warned about potential failings with passport e-gates 16 months ago amid confusion over who bore responsibility for any technical issues.”
- Connie Dimsdale, iNews
16th April 23
“Since the start of the crisis, Ofgem has spent £32 million on consultants, according to Tussell”
- Daily Mail
10th April 23
“UK spent almost £500,000 on unused support scheme for energy firms”
- Alex Lawson, The Guardian
4th Mar 23
“Pressure grows for Covid inquiry to be fast-tracked after Hancock WhatsApp leak”
- Jon Ungoed-Thomas, The Guardian
31st Jan 23
“The UK public sector awarded £2.8bn worth of consulting contracts in 2022, according to data provider Tussell.”
- Michael O’Dwyer & George Parker, FT
6th Feb 23
“The UK public sector awarded £2.8bn of consulting contracts in 2022, according to data from the contract analysts Tussell Ltd in the FT last week. That figure was up 75% on 2019.”
- Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

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