Want to level up your framework strategy?

Our new frameworks feature matches call-off contracts to frameworks, helping you find and analyse the most relevant and valuable deals for your business, in seconds.

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New to public sector procurement?
If you're not sure what a Framework Agreement is, or you've never won one before, why not check out our free SME Guide to Doing Business with the Public Sector instead.

Every public sector framework in one place

Get next-level intel on public sector frameworks

For too long frameworks have been a “black box” - even to the companies listed on them. Finally, with our new frameworks tab, you can get the answers you really need.

Now, with Tussell, you can:

  • Discover which frameworks really matter
  • See which frameworks your customers, partners and competitors are on
  • Compare the value of call-offs through different frameworks

At last, you can make an informed decision about which frameworks to target based on who's using them and the contracts being awarded through them.

Public Sector Frameworks. Sorted.