Find the frameworks your target accounts are actually using

Identify and target the most lucrative framework agreements in your sector with Tussell: the only market intelligence platform that matches call-off contracts to frameworks.

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Every public sector framework in one place

You need to know which frameworks will win you work

Procurement frameworks are a key route-to-market for you to win new work in the public sector.


It's critical that you know which frameworks your target accounts are actually using, and which agreements your competitors are winning work through.


However, public procurement portals can't tell you how well used different frameworks are, or which contracting authorities are using them.


This puts you at a serious disadvantage when deciding which frameworks to apply for.

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Tussell's frameworks intelligence is one-of-a-kind

At Tussell, we've matched tens of thousands of public sector call-off contracts to the framework agreements they were awarded under, meaning Tussell is the only market intelligence platform to offer insights into the true value and usage of frameworks.

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This means with Tussell you can:

Identify the most valuable frameworks in your sector

See which frameworks are being used most frequently to procure your goods and services, by easily comparing the total value of call-off contracts awarded through them.

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Pin-point which frameworks your target accounts & competitors are on

Easily find out which agreements your target accounts - including central & local governments, the NHS, rail and more - are actually using, and which frameworks your competitors are harnessing to win new business.

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Get visibility on what's being tendered via frameworks

There's no requirement to publish tenders under a framework, but you can use Tussell data to see what's been awarded and to which suppliers, to make sure you're not missing out.

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What are the top frameworks in your sector?

We used Tussell's framework analytics to reveal the highest-value framework agreements across 7 key public sector markets.

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Stop wasting time on fruitless frameworks

By seeing which frameworks your competitors, partners and customers are really using, you can stop wasting valuable time and resources applying for the wrong frameworks.

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Stream market-leading framework data into your business

Get hands-on with Tussell's framework data via our API, and build out a comprehensive internal database of frameworks to flag, qualify or apply for.

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Framework managers trust Tussell

"Other vendors may have limited Framework functionality, but having worked with Frameworks for over 25 years, I can tell you the Tussell information is truly market leading."

Procurement Framework Specialist @ SAS
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The UK's top suppliers trust Tussell for framework insights

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Tussell: the all-in-one market intelligence platform

Tussell aggregates trillions of pounds worth of public procurement data into a single place, providing you with an unparalleled vantage point to find new business, trends and insights.

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  • Get alerted whenever relevant opportunities go live
  • Build a pipeline of upcoming opportunities
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