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Routes to market into the public sector

Finding it hard to access the public sector marketplace? Watch our latest training webinar to find out which routes to market are right for your business.

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How to sell training & skills services to the public sector

Selling to the public sector is a complex and difficult task, let alone selling to one of the most entrenched markets within it - training & skills services.

In this blog, we run through our 5 top tips that you need to employ to boost your public sector training & skills services sales.

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How to profile a target account in the public sector

Learn how to profile target accounts in just 5 steps through publically available avenues and the Tussell platform. Harness this information to profile your target accounts, and get ahead of your competitors by being decision-ready.

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How to displace an incumbent in the public sector

Are you finding it hard to win contract renewals against incumbent suppliers? In this how-to guide, we explain how to capitalise on data to make a stronger challenge against the incumbent contractor. 

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Training webinar: How to win more work through frameworks

Struggling to win deals via frameworks or looking to supercharge your knowledge to get ahead of the competition? This is the webinar you've been looking for!

What are Dynamic Purchasing Systems?

What are Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPSs)?

Do you know about the framework agreement's close relative, the DPS? Find out what makes DPSs special - and whether you should apply for them - in this walkthrough.


5 advanced techniques to enhance your bid/no-bid decision process

Start making smarter, data-led bid/no-bid decisions with these 5 advanced strategies.


How to build a pipeline of public sector opportunities

Follow this guide to anticipate opportunities well in advance, and stand a better chance of winning new business.


4 ways to boost your public sector business development strategy

Harness these 4 tips to better engage, anticipate and pitch to your key public sector prospects.


Procurement Frameworks: how to find the best ones for you

Hone in on the framework agreements that will actually give you opportunities.


What are Pre-Information Notices (PINs) and why should you care?

Get up-to-speed on Pre-Information Notices, and learn how you can make the most of them.

Tussell SME Guide

SME Public Sector Guide

If you're an SME looking to do business with the public sector, read our comprehensive guide to start off on the right foot.

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"Tussell has become essential to Serco’s public sector business development"

Sylvia Salapa Sr Market Analyst

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"We have found value in our usage. It has helped us identify several opportunities that are now in our pipeline."

Jason Adolf VP of Public Sector

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"Great boost to start the year, it shows our investment in the platform and your help is paying dividends"

Kevin Fennelly Market Executive

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