Decision-maker contact data has arrived!

Want to reach the people really pulling the strings in public sector procurement? Get in touch with technical and financial leads using our new decision-maker contact data, as well as the senior leaders at the contracting authorities that matter to you most.

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Go beyond procurement with direct email addresses, phone numbers and job titles of key decision-makers.


Buying organisations

Our contact data covers thousands of contracting authorities across the whole of the public sector, including Local and Central Government, the NHS and more.


Manual validation

The data is GDPR compliant and has been meticulously checked by real humans, ensuring low bounce rates while maximising the impact of your personalised outreach.

Search with confidence

Looking for Chief Executives at NHS Trusts, all IT Directors in Central Government or a Facilities Manager at a local authority?

Use contextual search and advanced filters to find only the people relevant to you - save time and make every search matter.


Timing is everything in sales

Until now, Tussell has helped you identify new growth opportunities by understanding when contracts are due to expire and predict when the subsequent procurement process is due to begin; with this new dataset, you're able to act on those opportunities more effectively.

Best practice involves building relationships well in advance of the launch of a tender - ideally during or before the procurement planning phase.

Get in touch with decision-makers 3-24 months before the procurement process starts -  depending on the complexity of the procurement - to maximise your chances of success.


Step-by-step guide to using decision-maker data

1. Filter your search

Discover ONLY the contacts that are relevant to you. Filter by the contracting authorities in your territory, or search for the expiring contracts that you're interested in pursuing.

You can even search for contacts based on the organisations your competitors do business with.

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2. Choose your contacts

Select the decision-makers relevant to your search using role title or department to ensure you're selecting only the people you want to target.


3. Start slowly

Meaningful relationships aren't built overnight.

Rather than reaching out immediately with a direct email or call, try following your contacts on social, attending the same events and taking your time to understand their likely needs and challenges.

Where possible, use mutual connections and interests to build rapport.


4. Make it resonate

Before you make contact, use Tussell to find relevant insights that will add context to your conversation.

This could be a change of supplier, a recent tender, or evidence of a new policy or strategy in action. By adding context, you're making the conversation resonate with the decision-maker.


5. Add value

Most importantly of all, when you're ready to get in touch with your contact - ALWAYS add value.

Decision-makers' time is precious and they need to understand the 'so what' of your approach. Make sure it's clear why talking to you will help them achieve their goals.