Gain unparalleled insights into public procurement


Conduct deep research into public spend, contracting, frameworks and more with Tussell.

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Without the right tools, it's impossible to get the full picture

You're responsible for finding unique insights to inform strategy, M&A or wider business decisions.


But the countless number of procurement portals - let alone file formats used - slows down your research process and makes cohesive analysis difficult.


It's easy to feel like you're not able to do comprehensive research, or that you're missing out on vital data and insights.

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Researching public procurement is a breeze with Tussell

Tussell's market intelligence platform aggregates trillions of pounds worth of spend, contract and framework data into a single database, allowing you to easily analyse the whole of the UK public sector.

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Here's what you can do

All the data: all in one place

Gain access to a continually-updated database of public spend, contracting, frameworks and tenders from across the whole of the UK public sector.

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Conduct in-depth public sector research

Easily find, compare and segment public procurement data to find insights and trends you wouldn't be able to see anywhere else.

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Easily export your findings

Download your data into a csv file, letting you further analyse and visualise your insights.

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Tussell customers are winning new contracts 4x faster than the rest of the market

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Unique ways to analyse the public sector with Tussell

Market profiling
Dig into news & policies
Find new business partners
Enhance bid / no-bid research

Market profiling

Size-up and compare different public sector markets with just a few clicks.

Use spend data to size your target market, and see which contracting authorities are spending with which suppliers.

Harness CPV codes and keywords to see the contract awards behind the invoices.


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Dig into news & policies

Get a new level of understanding on all government procurement news and policy announcements.

See how the government's spent with a particular supplier, across a sector, or find individual contracts of interest.


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Find new business partners

Understand the network of suppliers in your sector to see who you could partner with to deliver an upcoming piece of work.

Find potential companies for mergers and acquisitions, to break into new areas of the public sector.



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Enhanced bid / no-bid research

Conduct deep research into potential opportunities - including your likely competitors, how similar contracts have been priced, and the procurement history of the contracting authority - to help your team make an informed bid/no-bid decision.

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Researchers put their trust in Tussell

"The Tussell database is a really useful tool for research. Being able to segment contract awards and spend data by variables such as location, keywords, and CPV codes means that we can identify innovative companies working with government in a matter of minutes, and rapidly export the data to CSV format for further analysis."

Sam Donaldson, Managing Director

... as do the UK's top government suppliers

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Tussell: the all-in-one market intelligence platform

Tussell aggregates trillions of pounds worth of public procurement data into a single place, providing you with an unparalleled vantage point to find new business, trends and insights.

  • Get new insights into your public sector market
  • Get alerted whenever relevant opportunities go live
  • Build a pipeline of upcoming opportunities
  • Dig into your competitors and target accounts
  • Access the contact details of key decision-makers