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Find and track the opportunities that matter to your organisation in a single, unified platform.

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Avoid wasting time on the wrong opportunities

Your priority is to keep on top of all tender opportunities for your organisation.


But with hundreds of procurement portals to monitor, it's easy to feel like you could miss something important.


Combined with all those logins, keeping on top of all the tenders that matter to you can be challenging.

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Tussell's always on the lookout for you

Tussell's market intelligence platform automatically monitors tenders and Prior-Information Notices from over 600 procurement portals, giving you a comprehensive view of opportunities, all in one place.

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Here's what you can do

Find relevant tenders immediately

Filter thousands of tenders - new and old - by keywords, CPV codes, target accounts and more to find the ones most relevant to you.

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Make an informed bid / no-bid decision

Use proprietary Tussell insights to make an informed decision on which opportunities to pass to your sales team.

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Easily share relevant tenders with your team

Share qualified tender opportunities you've identified with your sales team.

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Manage live opportunities in your personalised Hub

Save and manage opportunities your team are working on in your personalised Hub, to ensure your bids are submitted on time.

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Tussell customers are winning new contracts 4x faster than the rest of the market

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Make more informed bidding decisions with Tussell

Find relevant tenders
Enhance your bid / no-bid decisions
Price to win

Find relevant tenders

Use a range of filters - including keywords, CPV codes, individual buyers, location and more - to hone in on tenders that are relevant to your business.

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Enhance your bid / no-bid decisions

Add vital intelligence to your bid / no-bid process to know whether a tender's worth pursuing.

You can quickly see whether the contracting authority already has a long-term relationship with another supplier, their history of awarding to SMEs, or if similar, more promising opportunities lie elsewhere.

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Price to win

Use hard data to judge how you need to price your offer to win the contract.

Easily track how much the tender's contracting authority has awarded similar contracts for in the past.


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Bid teams put their trust in Tussell

"Tussell is easy to use and navigate, and helps me keep on top of bids and tender activities, old and current. The biggest benefit of using Tussell is knowing you're not missing anything - it's a one-stop shop."

Rhodri Collings, Bid Manager

... as do the UK's top government suppliers

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Tussell: the all-in-one market intelligence platform

Tussell aggregates trillions of pounds worth of public procurement data into a single place, providing you with an unparalleled vantage point to find new business, trends and insights.

  • Get new insights into your public sector market
  • Get alerted whenever relevant opportunities go live
  • Build a pipeline of upcoming opportunities
  • Dig into your competitors and target accounts
  • Access the contact details of key decision-makers