The Ultimate Management Consultancy Framework (MCF) Guidebook

The Ultimate Management Consultancy Framework (MCF) Guidebook

Posted by Ben Pollard Picture of Ben Pollard on 08 May 2024

The CCS's Management Consultancy Framework (MCF) is the UK public sector's largest consultancy framework.

Currently in its third iteration, MCF is used across numerous government verticals to award a broad range of financial and consultancy contracts.

New analysis from Tussell shows that the MCF series consistently sees a large volume of high-value consultancy work flow through it each year. 

MCF Contract Awards

Tussell's new Ultimate MCF Guidebook unpacks everything you need to know about this market-leading framework series.

Leverage the insights packed into this Guidebook to better understand what this critical framework series is used for, who's winning work through it, and how you can get better value out of it. The Guidebook runs through:

  • The top buyers, suppliers and SMEs winning work though the framework

  • Which of your prospective customers are actually making use of the MCF framework

  • How MCF3 stacks against other consultancy frameworks in terms of SME call-offs

  • How to apply for MCF4 - and important dates to remember

  • How you can get the most out of the Management Consultancy Framework

  • ... and much more! 


Tussell is the only market intelligence platform that matches call-off contracts to the frameworks or DPSs they were awarded under.

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