Which local authorities are buying locally the most?

Which local authorities are buying locally the most?

Posted by James Piggott on 20 July 2022

Procuring goods and services from locally-based businesses, SMEs and VCSEs is a key way for local authorities to promote social value through their procurement.

In this report, we've harnessed data from Tussell's market intelligence platform to see just how much local government in England is spending with local suppliers, how different regions compare, and what direction we're heading in.

Local Government Spending w/ Local Suppliers

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Tussell's data revealed these critical insights:

    • Local government spending with locally-based suppliers has grown faster than spending with non-local suppliers.

    • Local authorities in all regions of England are spending at least 1/3rd of their procurement spending with local suppliers.

    • Local government spending with local suppliers is mostly with SMEs and VCSEs.

    • Local government bodies in all regions have increased their proportion of spending with local SMEs and VCSEs.

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