Mandarins can’t handle Brexit and it’s costing us a lot

Extracts from an article by Jim Armitage, city editor for The Evening Standard.

“Last week we reported on what appeared to be a concerted cover-up by Whitehall departments of how much they were spending on external consultants to prepare for Brexit.

We told of how, out of 19 key government departments to whom we sent freedom of information requests about the issue, most refused to divulge the information, citing loopholes or technicalities.

This struck us as a flagrant breach of the public interest right to know how much the Deloittes, PwCs and McKinseys of this world were earning from the taxpayer for our EU exit.”[…]

“That’s the biggest Brexit contract yet to be disclosed. Quite what the work entails is hard to tell because the contract, spotted by tenders researcher Tussell, is largely redacted. But at least it’s a start.”

Read the full article on the Evening Standard website.

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