Tussell Round-up: Local Government drives 40% of tender opportunities

Last week, Tussell’s database of government contracts surfaced £4B of new opportunities across the wider public sector. 593 tenders were published - 40% of which came from Local Government buyers and just 15% from Central Government.

£1.4B of opportunities in the Healthcare sector

Healthcare was this week’s biggest sector with £1.4B of opportunities published. See our recent league table of Healthcare suppliers in Q1 2018 to discover the biggest players in the sector.

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£372M of expiring contracts in the Business & Financial Services sector

Overall, at least £1.9B of awards are due to expire in the next six months - allowing you to proactively engage with buyers ahead of future tender opportunities. The Business & Financial Services sector has £372M of awards due to expire in the next 6 months, almost half of which is expected to run off in August 2018.

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Last week's top opportunities:

Contracting Authority Contract Title Bid Deadline Tender Value
Cabinet Office/CCS Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3  22/08/2018 £1.2B
London Borough of Hounslow Social Inclusion Supported Accommodation 23/08/2018


Liverpool City Council Residential & Nursing Services 05/09/2018 £220M
Peterborough City Council Adult Residential, Nursing and Dementia Care Placement Services 26/08/2018 £210M
Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation Catering Services 28/08/2018 £200M


DXC Technology wins £81M Defra contract

Did you know that you can look up specific competitors in our database? Here's what 5 of the top suppliers to government have been up to this week.  DXC Technology picked up a significant £81M award to help implement the Defra UnITy technology project.

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51% of government contracts won by SMEs

There is significant potential for SMEs to benefit from public procurement. Last week, 51% of the 2,100 contracts published were won by SMEs. However, government does less well on awarding contracts to Community Interest Companies (CICs) - see our latest research with SEUK on the slow growth in CIC contracts.

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