Healthcare Contracting


November 2018 was another busy month in UK government procurement, with almost 2000 tenders published - that’s 100 per day across the wider public sector.

Contract opportunities within the public sector have remained high since a record-breaking October as UK public procurement maintained its momentum. In fact, in spite of the long-running political uncertainty, the number of tenders published each month has trended upwards steadily since the Brexit referendum. See the trendline in our full report, or read on for the highlights. 

Tender Value Remains High

Excluding volatile frameworks, the underlying value of tender notices has risen steadily since July to reach £12bn in November. That's £3bn more compared to the same month of last year.

Healthcare Sector Fighting Fit

Winter is drawing in and the NHS is once again in the spotlight. The Healthcare sector accounted for £5bn in tender value - a higher proportion of the total value than at any time in the last three months.

Anticipating Opportunities in 2019

With the end of 2018 around the corner, at Tussell we're looking ahead to opportunities for our customers in the new year. With £14bn of live public sector contracts rolling off in 2019, suppliers should be analysing those contract end dates to anticipate probable re-tenders in the future. We call this advance notification of "trigger events".

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