The week in public sector tech: the biggest tenders and awards (31/07)

Extracts from an article by Oscar Williams, news editor for New Statesman Tech.

“This is the latest instalment of a weekly feature analysing the UK’s biggest public sector IT deals. In partnership with data analysis firm Tussell, we drill down into the top ten most valuable tenders and awards from the previous week, and take stock of which tech firms have won the biggest share of the public sector pie." [...]

"The biggest tender of the week comes from Norfolk County Council, which is searching for a supplier to provide access to superfast broadband across the region, “beyond the reach of commercially funded deployments”. This programme is aimed at connecting the remaining 5 per cent of premises that will not have been reached by the commercial initiatives. The contract starts in February 2019 and is worth £18m."[...]

"The biggest deal of the week is the Cabinet Office’s £500m award to the Crown Hosting Data Centres, a joint venture between the CO and Ark Data Centres. The contract extends an existing deal without the normal tender process “due to the level of critical national infrastructure, which has been moved into the CHDC data centre facilities”. “It had not been appreciated the level of CNI that would rely on this solution when the Framework was set up,” the notice adds. The system must be operational by 16 March 2019, just over a week before the Brexit deadline comes to pass."

Read the full article on the New Statesman Tech website.

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