The public sector's top 150 tech suppliers - the Tech Titans 2022

The public sector's top 150 tech suppliers - the Tech Titans 2022

Posted by Amy Lammin Picture of Amy Lammin on 10 October 2022

Thousands of companies - of all shapes and sizes - supply the public sector with technology. But some stand out above the rest, earning millions of pounds from the public sector each year. Who are they?

Meet the Tech Titans - our list of the top 150 tech suppliers by public sector revenue in calendar 2021. 

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This report unpacks the Tech Titans, revealing:

  • Who are the Tech Titans and what is their impact on public procurement

  • How and why their share of the IT market is nearly 90%

  • Which part of the public sector they are working in the most through sector analysis including the NHS

  • Which contracting authorities are most heavily reliant on them

  • The top frameworks they are using to win contracts

  • Who are the up-and-coming Tech Titans that you should keep an eye out for

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