Public outsourcing deals soar to £3 billion amid Carillion collapse

Extracts from an article by Alex Lawson, business news editor at The Evening Standard.

“Government spending on outsourcing huge contracts hit £3 billion in the quarter which saw Carillion collapse, it emerged on Tuesday.

Figures show suppliers picked up 16,000 government contracts in the first quarter of the year, while Carillion crumbled under a mountain of debts costing thousands of jobs.” […]

“Capita won the largest number of contracts of any government supplier, landing 59, according to data from public tenders researcher Tussell.

City & County Healthcare was the top Health & Social Care supplier, winning £136 million of awards, while IBM was the leading IT supplier at £94 million. Gus Tugendhat, founder of Tussell, said: “Despite wider economic uncertainty and concerns about the UK’s outsourcing model following the collapse of Carillion, activity in public procurement is showing few signs of slowing down.”

Read the full article on The Evening Standard website.

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