Police Procurement w/ IT Suppliers: 2022 Analysis

Police Procurement w/ IT Suppliers: 2022 Analysis

Posted by James Piggott on 11 July 2022

The Blue Light sector is a huge market for IT and technology suppliers.

On 23rd June, we presented our analysis of this growing market to techUK members, harnessing data from our market intelligence platform.

Police IT Procurement Tussell

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Tussell's data revealed these critical insights:

    • Police IT procurement spend has grown, on average, 20% each year since 2018.

    • Out of the £1.3bn spent on IT by the police since 2018, the Metropolitan Police accounted for 61%.


    • Since 2018, framework call-offs accounted for 22% of policing IT contracts by value, and 44% by volume.

    • £233mn worth of live police IT contracts come up for renewal in the next 24 months.

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