2,000+ Local Government tech contracts due to expire by 2024

The Local Government technology market is worth more than £1.2bn per annum and it's growing year on year.

One of the major findings from our latest analysis (which formed part of a recent presentation alongside our partners, techUK) was that the government's Strategic Suppliers are used significantly less by local authorities, than by Central Government departments.

Just 2 of the 13 Strategic Suppliers who provide tech and telecoms services feature in the top list for local gov, while challengers like Insight Direct and Civica rank highly. What's more, since 2016, our analysis of supplier revenues shows an increase in revenues across the board, from suppliers large and small, at the expense of the top suppliers.

London and the South East, perhaps unsurprisingly, spent the most on technology in absolute terms. However, our analysis also revealed that not only did the rest of the UK spend more, but the biggest tech spender in terms of percentage of total procurement spend, was a local authority from the North West of England.

Download the full report below to get the full insight, including:

  • Annual value of the Local Government tech market
  • Top buyers and suppliers
  • Procurement spend by region
  • Spend by category
  • An overview of more than 2,000 expiring contracts

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