Which firms are supporting the government's Covid-19 response?

Which firms are supporting the government's Covid-19 response?

Posted by Admin on 06-May-2020 00:00:00

This report looks at what the public sector has been buying to support its response to the pandemic. Enter your details below to download the full report.

Last month we highlighted that Covid-19 had a dramatic impact on public procurement, considerably reducing the number of new opportunities published by the public sector. Our most recent update, published today, finds that in April that decline accelerated. Fewer than 900 competitive opportunities (i.e. invitations to tender) were published by the wider UK public sector last month, down 66% on the pre-Covid level in February. 

But while everyday competitive procurement has seen significant disruption, there is still a lot of commercial activity happening across the public sector - much of it to support the response to the pandemic.


At a time of crisis, accurate and reliable real-time data matters more than ever. This is the second report in our monthly series tracking the impact of Covid-19 on UK public procurement. This time we look not just at the effect it’s having on the new opportunities published, but also at the essential goods and services the public sector is purchasing to support the crisis response.

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