What is a Pseudo-DPS?

What is a Pseudo-DPS?

Posted by Amy Lammin Picture of Amy Lammin on 19 July 2023

Pseudo-Dynamic Purchasing Systems are being used more and more to award work in the public sector.

This lesser-known route to market is actually being used more than you realise.

It is crucial to understand how a pseudo-DPS works and how it differs from frameworks and DPSs so that you can get the most out of these routes to market. 

This PDF compares pseudo-DPSs, DPSs & frameworks side by side, so you can easily see the difference and identify which route is best for you.*

Download the "What are Pseudo-DPSs?" here

Pseudo DPS Graphic

* It is important to note there isn't a published definition of what a pseudo-DPS is and how it works. Therefore, this document is an indicative summary based on our best understanding of pseudo-DPSs and should not be taken as legal or procurement advice. If you want to find out the specifics of a pseudo-DPS, you must contact the contracting authority that has published the notice, as each pseudo-DPS is different.


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