Tussell Round-up: Tech procurement, Cyber Security and UK Scaleups

Tussell Round-up: Tech procurement, Cyber Security and UK Scaleups

Posted by Admin on 13 November 2018

Key market stats:

Round up donuts

Last week's opportunities showed a 20% increase on the prior week. This was partly driven by a £1.2bn PIN for House-building in North, Central and South East England. A further £200m is available for associated Construction Consultancy services. Last week, three of the top five tenders were related to house-building.

Last week's top tender opportunities

Contracting Authority Contract Title Bid Deadline Tender Value
LHC Building Components and Services

Housing Construction - North, Central and South East England

PIN £1.2bn
Business Services Organisation

Medicines Distribution and Associated Services Framework



Wheatley Housing Group Limited

Framework for Housing Construction & Associated Works

07/12/2018 £400M

Ministry of Defence

Serapis Framework

05/12/2018 £300M
LHC Building Components and Services

Construction Consultancy - North, Central and South East England

05/12/2018 £200M


Tussell Partnerships

It's been an exciting week at Tussell, with three of our key research partnerships coming to fruition - read on for an update of what's been going on.

'Scaleups' in public procurement

We recently teamed up with the Scaleup Institute to help deliver the Procurement Index, assessing how the public sector is engaging with some of the fastest growing companies in the UK. These companies have won an average of 3.6 contracts per supplier in the past year.

This research fills the gap for evidence-based reporting on an exciting topic. A baseline now exists against which progress can be measured in the future. See the full research here

Scaleup bubbles

Joint research with New Statesman Tech for GovTech summit

On Monday, NS Tech published our research into public sector tech procurement, revealing that the government's drive to break up massive tech contracts is starting to pay off. Our data shows that average tech contract value has decreased rapidly over the last three years. In a further sign of supplier diversification, SMEs have increased their market share in this sector from 9% in 2015 to 16% in 2018.

New Statesman bar chart

Tussell data powers Cyber Security Summit

One of the biggest tenders of last week was the £300m MOD Serapis Framework for Cyber Security-related services. The current prominence of Cyber Security in policy explains why we are sponsoring the Cyber Security Summit on Thursday. Gus, our founder, will be speaking on trends in Cyber Security contracting - for example the fact that data protection is a hot topic, mentioned in 20 contracts in 2018 compared to zero in 2015.

Horizontal bar chart for cyber tenders