UK Government's response to the war in Ukraine

UK Government's response to the war in Ukraine

Posted by Henry Thompson on 01 June 2023

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the UK government has consistently stated that it has acted faster than any other European nation in support of the Ukrainian people.

We have compiled a list of contracts & invoices that the UK public sector has published in order to support the Ukrainian regime, the people in Ukraine and the refugees that have fled the country since the outbreak of war.

Contract Awards

So far the public sector has published 54 contracts relating to the war in Ukraine, with a combined value of:

£51 million


You can download all of these contracts, click here

The largest single contract was awarded to Palladium, worth £5mn, to provide scoping services and the delivery of accommodation to Ukrainian refugees for the Scottish Government.

Many of the contracts were awarded by local authorities to provide a variety of services for refugees fleeing Ukraine, such as English language lessons, welfare checks and access to healthcare.

18 of the contracts relate directly to the Homes for Ukraine scheme, with a combined value of over £6.5mn, awarded by 13 different local authorities. 


NB: This may not be an exhaustive list and only includes contracts that have been published when this page was last updated. Other forms of support may not feature here such as direct military aid that has not been outsourced.


Invoices paid

We have also been looking into the invoices that local authorities have published relating to the war in Ukraine. So far the vast majority of these have been part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

The total value of invoices paid currently stands at:

£51 million

The graphic below shows the breakdown in spending by Local Government and Central Government authorities from April 2022 until March 2023:



Public procurement has proved a critical tool for contracting authorities to provide aid to Ukraine.

All of the contract awards and invoices used in the analysis were identified using Tussell's market intelligence platform.

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