Tussell Index of UK Public Contracts - February 2017

Award value in February falls back to £9.3Bn

In February 2016 an improvement in reporting on Contracts Finder drove award value up 135% year on year. However, in February 2017 a decrease in underlying activity led to a 19% decline in award value year on year.

Skanska wins £1.6Bn in awards

Skanska leads the list of top 5 suppliers to the wider public sector in February 2017.


£3Bn of Services contracts expire in the next 12 months

Tussell has identified 3,521 Services contracts with an aggregate value of £3Bn that expire in the next 12 months - creating opportunity for buyers to save money and for suppliers to win new business. For example, 12 Healthcare awards worth £67M are due to expire in and around Durham County.

Map of expiring services

The public sector issues 22% of award value directly to SMEs

Over the last 12 months Local Government issued 27% of its award value directly to SMEs vs 15% for Central Government. (*Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise).

60% rise in the number of contracting authorities publishing tenders on Contracts Finder promotes competition

511 contracting authorities published tenders on Contracts Finder in February 2017, up 60% from February 2015. This increased visibility translates into more opportunities for suppliers - promoting competition, supplier diversification and SME inclusion.

Contracting authorities prefer frameworks

Contracting authorities are increasingly using framework agreements to issue awards. Frameworks increased from less than 10% of total award value in February 2015 to an average of 54% over the last 6 months. This makes pre-engagement with buyers all the more important as suppliers compete for “winner take all” frameworks.

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