Softcat gives Woodford a big boost

Extracts from an article by Alexandra Frean, Business Columnist for The Times.

“Neil Woodford, the star fund manager who has suffered a recent string of investment setbacks, had a rare good day yesterday when shares in Softcat, one of his latest picks, rose by almost 6 per cent after it reported another year of strong growth.” [...]

"The company has won 247 public sector awards worth £685 million in the past four years, according to Tussell, a provider of data on the government’s supply chain. Most of those came in 2015 (£404 million) and 2016 (£241 million), with only £11 million so far in 2017. About £124 million of its public sector contracts will expire next year.” [...]

The full article is available on The Times’ website

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