Search for doctors set to cost NHS £100m in agency fees

Extracts from an article written by Gill Plimmer, Reporter at the Financial Times.

“Recruiters to be paid £20,000 for each GP in drive to fulfil Hunt’s 7-day service pledge.

The National Health Service is planning to pay recruitment agencies up to £100m to find 5,000 doctors — about half of them from overseas — to plug mounting staffing gaps.” [...]

“Gus Tugendhat, Head of Tussell, a company that compiles data on public procurement, said the new recruitment contracts were the biggest tender for international hiring by the NHS since October 2014 and an example of the challenge facing the government’s policies outside the EU. ‘There is an inherent conflict between the need to hire international staff in order to maintain public services and the Brexit-related agenda of reducing immigration,’ he added. ‘In future, if the government really is to improve its public services without relying on international recruitment, the NHS will have to invest more either in training UK nationals or in productivity-enhancing automation’.” [...]

Read the full article on the Financial Times’ website.

Image: NHS

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