Top public sector recruitment suppliers revealed

Extracts from an article by The Global Recruiter.

“A new ranking launched by government procurement data provider Tussell has revealed that Comensura was the top supplier of recruitment services to the UK public sector in 2017. The company won five new recruitment awards worth £100 million last year, including a high profile £59 million call-off award issued by HS2 for the supply of temporary workers.” […]

“Gus Tugendhat, founder of Tussell commented: “In 2017, the wider public sector saw a 28 per cent increase in the volume of recruitment-related contracts issued from 1,008 to 1,294. This underlines the significant opportunity for recruitment firms to win public sector contracts at a time when Whitehall is implementing some large-scale policies. Also it is encouraging to see a number of less well-known names in our ranking – yet another sign of government successfully opening up its supply chain to more businesses.”

Read the full article on The Global Recruiter website.

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