Public Sector Healthcare Market: 2023 Snapshot

Public Sector Healthcare Market: 2023 Snapshot

Posted by James Piggott Picture of James Piggott on 06 February 2023

The procurement of healthcare-related goods and services sits at the backbone of the NHS. From stethoscopes to MRI machines, billions of pounds are spent each year on acquiring the things our health service needs to operate.

What does this market look like?

We've harnessed data from Tussell's market intelligence platform to produce a snapshot of the public sector healthcare market. We found that:

  • The healthcare market is expanding, even after COVID-19

  • SMEs account for a large chunk of the market

  • Central Government is the biggest buyer of healthcare goods and services

  • The top healthcare suppliers have seen their earnings fluctuate since COVID-19

  • ... and much more.

If you want to expand in this critical market, you need to get your head around the basics first.

You can download the snapshot - for free - here.

Tussell Public Sector Healthcare Market Snapshot Analysis 2023

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