Public Sector Engineering Consultancy Market: 2023 Snapshot

Public Sector Engineering Consultancy Market: 2023 Snapshot

Posted by Amy Lammin Picture of Amy Lammin on 21 April 2023

The next in our series of public sector market snapshots is here: the engineering consultancy market.


As the public sector's infrastructure demand continue to grow, so will the need for engineering consultants and their skills. Our latest sector snapshot looks at who is ahead in this ever-growing market and how you can break into it.

What does this expanding market look like?

We've taken data from Tussell's market intelligence platform to produce a snapshot of the public sector engineering consultancy market in 2023. We found that:

  • Market share is fairly evenly distributed across the sector's top 10 supplier

  • Transport & rail bodies have remained the top 10's biggest customers

  • More & more of the top 10's work originates via frameworks, with 53% of their contracts being awarded via framework in 2022

  • The top suppliers have contracts worth £175 million rolling-off between Q2 2023 & Q1 2025 

... and much more.

If you want to tap into this growing demand, you need to get your head around the lay of the market's landscape first.

You can download the snapshot - for free - here.Engineering Consultancy Snapshot Graphic final (2)

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