Tech suppliers hold the key to transforming Local Government

In May 2019, whilst attending TechUK's 'Local Gov Transformation - Trends, Challenges and Opportunities' event, Tussell spoke about the rising number of technology opportunities for suppliers looking to work with Local Government. 

As the purse strings continue to tighten in Local Government, procuring modern technology is essential to streamline the costs of local services while maintaining quality. Software, applications and smart technologies are allowing stretched authorities to reduce expenditure, whilst bringing public services in line with cutting-edge solutions. This digital revolution will continue to be worth billions and with the private sector driving technological innovation, engagement with tech firms will be essential for local authorities.

Local Government - Digital Transformation Contracts

In this exclusive Tussell analysis, we highlight how as Local Government embraces new technological solutions, private suppliers can take advantage of a raft of new contract opportunities. To download the full report, enter your details at the bottom of the page or read on for a summary of our key findings.

Key Findings:

  • Since 2015, Local Government has awarded nearly 400 digital transformation contacts worth £661m – including 31 in the first quarter of 2019.
  • These form part of over 3000 IT contracts worth £3.7bn awarded since 2015.
  • With Local Government’s increasing reliance on tech, since 2015 there have been over 350 contracts awarded for cybersecurity solutions.
  • Local Government is also beginning to embrace future tech, with contracts awarded for smart cities, artificial intelligence, drones and the internet of things.


Local Government - Future Tech Contracts

Future Tech Contracts


Suppliers of tech, IT services and cyber-security should not underestimate the wealth of opportunities that Local Government has to offer. As more authorities turn to technology to solve public sector problems, the subsectors of digital transformation, future tech and cybersecurity promise to flourish again in 2019. 2018 saw Local Government award the most technology opportunities to date, and indicators in 2019 suggest the market is continuing its expansion. To realise the full potential of Local Government tech opportunities, at Tussell we recommend that suppliers keep the following questions in mind:

  • How big is my market?
  • Where will future opportunities come from?
  • Who should I start building relationships with?

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