How to win more business through G-Cloud

How to win more business through G-Cloud

Posted by Admin on 07 November 2019

For digital & IT companies, G-Cloud is the essential public sector framework. More than 4,000 companies were named on the most recent iteration, G-Cloud 11. It has succeeded in giving public sector commissioners more choice, in streamlining the procurement process, and in improving market access for SMEs.

But Tussell research reveals that 86% of suppliers on G-Cloud 10 did not earn any revenue through the framework in 2018. That leads to frustration among suppliers who invest resources in getting listed on the framework, but don’t win any business from it. That's because being listed on G-Cloud is not an alternative for having a business development strategy.


To actually win business off the framework, suppliers still have to be smart and proactive – mapping the market, pre-engaging with prospects and identifying go-to-market partners.

To help suppliers with this, Tussell has produced a guide on how to improve their win rate. This report explores:

  • The ever-growing amount spent through G-Cloud, broken down by category

  • Top customers and suppliers in this heavily concentrated market

  • The relatively high proportion of value going to SMEs

  • 5 techniques to get on the front foot and win more business