Home truths - an update on modern slavery in the UK

Extracts from an article by Chris Syder, partner for Penningtons Manches LLP.

“The top nationality of victims of modern slavery in the UK is British. Overtaking Albanian and Vietnamese nationals, British adults and children are increasingly being referred for support to the National Crime Agency.

According to the charity Unseen, about one in eight of nearly 1,300 slavery cases recorded by the UK’s anti-slavery hotline in 2017 involved the construction industry. At least a third of London’s 100,000 European migrant construction workers have done jobs for no pay and experienced verbal and physical abuse, a survey by Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) found.”[…]

“A large number of UK Government suppliers are failing to produce an annual report in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The top suppliers account for £27.5 billion in Government contracts. In March 2018, Sancroft International Ltd highlighted that just 58% of the reports on human trafficking and slavery were compliant with the law. Ninety of the 100 suppliers published a report but about 40% of them fail to comply with the disclosure requirements. The Sancroft-Tussell report, Eliminating Modern Slavery in Public Procurement, can be viewed here.”

Read the full article on the Lexology website.

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