Highest ever tender volume posted in October 2018

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Once a month we step back from giving you updates on live opportunities to reflect on overall trends in UK public procurement with the Tussell Index. 

October 2018 was a record month for the UK public sector, with 2559 tenders officially published - the highest monthly tender volume in Tussell's database. The government may be distracted by Brexit, but this hasn't dampened demand. 


Q4 starts with a bang

Last month we highlighted a surge in public contracting in Q3 2018, with the highest value of public tenders posted since we started collecting data in 2015. This trend has continued into October, with the highest tender volume we've seen in a single month and over £40bn worth of tenders. 


Construction digs in

Consultants and builders should be furiously writing bids, with more than £13bn in public sector tenders posted in each sector in October. Collectively these two sectors accounted for more than two thirds of the total tender value. 

Sector Volume

Spotlight on: Local Government

The importance of Local Government in public procurement is often overlooked, so this month we dive into the data to see what they've been up to. Local Government buyers posted £16bn worth of contract notices in October, with nine distinct buyers posting more than £200m each.

Volume By Contracting Authority Type

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