Government issued more contracts for digital and leadership training in 2018 than in any year since 2013

As employers of approximately 5 million people, it is unsurprising that the various bodies that make up the UK public sector regularly seek the help of private providers to help train and increase skill levels amongst their staff. Large-scale national projects like Brexit make the upskilling of existing civil servants and government employees more important than ever, and the rapid advance of technology means that the public sector is constantly looking to make sure its employees are best-positioned to make use of the digitals tools at hand.

In this report, produced in partnership with GovNet ahead of June's Public Sector Solutions Expo, we take a look at the trends in government contracts in the areas of both digital and leadership training. We also point towards future opportunities for suppliers of these services that look set to present themselves in the upcoming months. 

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Key Findings of our Report:
  • Since 2015, the public sector has awarded 195 leadership training contracts worth a total of £172m and 142 digital training contracts worth a combined £21m.

  • The high total value of leadership development contracts has been largely driven heavily by Central Government buyers. In comparison contracts for digital skills services are more evenly spread across Central Government, Local Government and NHS authorities.

  • The Department for Education has been the largest of buyer of leadership training services, issuing 21 contracts worth £105m. The DfE has £49.1m worth of contracts expiring in 2019/2020, including a £15m contract with Ambition School Leadership Trust for a programme of targeted training for high-potential teachers.

  • For digital training suppliers, there is no stand-out contracting authority to focus bidding startegies upon - procurement is spread across buyers.

Since 2015 the public sector has awarded contracts worth around £5.5m per year for digital skills training contracts. The overall number of digital skills contracts issued has however seen rapid year-on-year increases to a high of 62 in 2018. This indicates that contracts are decreasing in size and are - like other IT-related contracts - being 'disaggregated' into smaller, more manageable pieces of work.

Training line chart

From 2015 to 2017 the public sector awarded roughly £50m per year for leadership skills training. Whilst this did fall in 2018, there are £57m worth of contracts expiring by the end of 2020, meaning that this trend is unlikely to continue.

training bar chart

Almost £56m worth of leadership skills contracts are set to expire in 2020, and given that no supplier has won more than 4 of these types of contracts since 2015, this is a diversified sector, open to new entrants. Equally the fact that digital and IT skills training is a market in which contracts are decreasing in size but increasing in number means greater future opportunities for less established suppliers and SMEs looking to gain a foothold. To put themselves in the optimum position to win contracts, prospective suppliers of these kinds of services should be monitoring trends in contract size as well as when and where existing contracts are set to expire.

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