DfE orders fire safety checks to identify schools at risk

Extracts from an article written by Billy Camden, Senior Reporter for Schools Week.

“The government has instructed councils and academy trusts to carry out fire safety checks on school buildings to identify any that may need further investigation in light of the Grenfell Tower blaze.”

“It comes after a Schools Week investigation on Monday found the proportion of new schools being built with fire-preventing sprinklers has halved to just 35 per cent since 2010.” [...]

“The exact number of schools with cladding is unknown. But figures from Tussell, a database of UK government tenders and contracts, show that since February 2014, £553 million has been spent on hundreds of public sector contracts to fit buildings across the UK with some form of cladding.”

“Schools and universities accounted for 19 awards for £23 million and 37 tenders for £504 million, according to Tussell.” [...]

Read the full article on Schools Week’s website

Image: Rick Findler/PA

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