Deloitte plans $600m of cyber security spending

Extracts from an article by Madison Marriage, Accounting and Tax Correspondent at the Financial Times.

"Deloitte plans to spend $580m on its own cyber security defences over the next three years as pressure increases on the ‘big four’ accounting firms to fend off attacks that could jeopardise client data.

Deloitte, which suffered a high-profile cyber breach last year that affected a small number of its clients, has significantly increased its spending on this area from “several years ago”, when it spent about $50m a year."[...]

"Deloitte was last week one of 17 cyber security specialists selected by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority under a £40m contract to test the financial regulator’s approach to cyber threats, according to research company Tussell."

Read the full article on The Financial Times website.

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