Amazon agrees £600m deal with Britain

Extracts from an article by Sean Galea-Pace, journalist for Business Chief.

“The Seattle-based company, Amazon, has agreed a £600m deal with Britain’s public sector procurement market, The Telegraph reports.

As part of the deal, the American giants will provide a one-stop shop for public bodies across Yorkshire in England where the organisations can buy a diverse range of products to help them operate.

The deal will provide public bodies with products ranging from office supplies to medical equipment and is anticipated to operate through the Amazon’s new business division.

The firm signed a five-year deal with Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO), which helps reduce the cost of goods by arranging mass deals with suppliers.

“Having revolutionised consumers’ retail habits, Amazon’s next step may be to do the same for public sector purchasing,” said Gus Tugendhat from data company Tussell.”

Read the full article on the Business Chief website.

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