300+ management consultancy frameworks created since 2015

Exclusive analysis by Tussell has revealed that management consulting firms are missing out on hundreds of opportunities with the public sector because they aren't listed on some of the most important framework agreements. 

The public sector makes extensive use of advice from consulting firms - now more than ever. Much of this work is awarded through frameworks - essentially preferred supplier lists. In fact, the public sector has created more than 300 frameworks for consultancy services since 2015, of which more more than 50 are currently live. Many suppliers - even some of the biggest global consulting firms - are missing out on new business because they are not named on many frameworks. With 11 of these expiring before the end of 2019, winning a place on the next iteration would expand your addressable market.

What does the data show?

  • Number of management consulting frameworks created since 2015: 307
  • Number of public sector buyers involved: 150
  • Number of suppliers named on only one framework: 80%

With such a complex patchwork of frameworks that companies need to be listed on to address the whole market, it can be difficult to understand how to target these opportunities with limited resources. Tussell's online platform of contract data and spend analysis allows you to understand this market as never before. Use that insight to plan your growth strategy and enhance your public sector business development. Use Tussell to identify the frameworks you've missed and plan your campaign for getting on the next iteration.  

Frameworks essential for selling to public sector

Over 300 management consulting frameworks have been created since 2015 by the public sector. 24 new frameworks have been created already in 2019.

Frameworks bar chart

Four-fifths of consulting firms are named on only one consulting framework

Of the nearly 4,000 consulting firms that are named on public sector consulting frameworks, nearly 80% are named on only one, and thus locked out of hundreds of public sector consulting opportunities.

Frameworks donut chart

Some of the biggest global consulting firms missing opportunities

PwC and Deloitte are both named on 30 or more currently live consulting frameworks. It is surely no coincidence that these two firms also won the highest value public sector contracts of any consulting firms in 2018 (see our forthcoming report on the Big Four). The lesson learned is that maximising your addressable market really is a good way to win more business.

The first step is being named on more frameworks. We've identified 11 management consultancy frameworks expiring before the end of 2019. Being named on the next iterations of these is essential to growing your profile in the public sector. Enter your details below to download the full report for further insight into this sector.

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