New features and updates to the Tussell platform - April 2021

At Tussell, we want to ensure you're able to get all the insights you need on the public sector, so for the last few weeks we’ve been working on some really common user-requested features. This article describes our most recent release in more detail. If you have any more questions, book in a session with your account manager.

More insights into frameworks

Our new framework ranking view in the contract awards tab allows you to see which frameworks your competitors win through most often, or which frameworks a buyer uses regularly. You can also now filter to just view call-offs from frameworks.

Why might you want to use it?

  • Looking to expand your business with a particular account? If you’ve got your eyes on expanding within a particular department, make sure you check out the frameworks ranking with a filter for that buyer and your sector - are you on its most used frameworks? 
  • Need to find the most important frameworks in your sector? Look up contracts that have been awarded in your specific sector, and then see which frameworks are most regularly used to procure those services - you might be surprised by the results!
  • Interested to know how your competitor has grown its public sector book of business so quickly? Use the framework ranking to easily see its preferred routes to market - are they on lucrative frameworks that you weren’t even aware of?

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 11.37.37Ability to filter spending data by SME status

Now you’re able to filter our invoices data just for spending with suppliers based on SME status. Either just for SMEs, just for non-SMEs (or, as before, for all).

Possible use cases...

  • Bidding on a local authority project and want to emphasise your social value creds? Find a list of SMEs in your sector already working with the public sector for a pre-qualified list of potential partners
  • SME looking to win more work with the public sector? Easily pull off a list of the authorities already spending a lot with SMEs in your sector
  • Buyer looking to engage more with SMEs? Find SMEs in your area that are already working with the public sector to reach out to

Find data specifically for rail, devolved transport, police or fire service buyers

While police, fire and devolved transport bodies do technically sit under ‘local government’, we know public sector business development folk often separate these out into different verticals - so we’ve changed the way we report these organisations to better suit your needs. Similarly, you can now view Rail buyers like Network Rail, HS2 and Crossrail as their own group.


Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 11.48.55

Filtering contract notices, awards and  frameworks by contract ‘type’

When procurement notices are published, buyers categorise whether or not they have been procuring ‘works’, ‘products’, ‘services’ etc. Now you’re able to filter all our procurement notices by this categorisation, enabling you to only find the most relevant information for your business.


  • Are you a construction firm looking for open tenders? While keyword search is powerful, it can be frustrating when it brings through work that's not relevant to you. Update your searches to include a ‘Works’ filter
  • Software firm looking for contracts expiring in the next 12 months to target for renewal? Add a ‘Services’ filter to your search and ensure you’re only seeing relevant IT contracts, no hardware contracts etc.
  • Looking to identify the largest live contracts with a particular buyer? Because of their scale, construction contracts often find themselves at the top of these sorts of lists - now you can easily filter them out using by deselecting 'Works' contracts

Filtering contract awards and frameworks by supplier locations

Looking for intelligence on suppliers based in particular locations? Now you’re able to filter contract awards and frameworks just for suppliers based on postcode, city, region etc. 

Why might you want to?

  • Are you just responsible for one region? Look up your competitors specifically in that region - you might be focusing on the wrong companies instead of those who are actually eating your lunch
  • Want to identify which local organisations an authority works with? Now it is easy, just put the same buyer location and supplier location in to your filter
  • Buyer looking for suppliers in your area for a specific service? Combine a detailed contract awards search - e.g. for artificial intelligence, mobile services, or cybersecurity - and find only suppliers based in your local area that have worked on these contracts for government before

If you have any feedback on these new features, requests for new ones or any general comments or questions please reach out to Miranda, our Head of Product, or book a session with your account manager.

And watch this space for some new exciting updates to the product later in the year!