Tussell Index: Public sector tender volume hits new high in May 2018

In May 2018, the monthly volume of tenders published hit its highest level since the start of Tussell's data coverage in 2012. 

In fact, the monthly volume of tenders has  risen slightly since the Brexit referendum. This indicates that it's "business as usual" for public procurement in spite of the wider economic uncertainty.

2,359 tenders were published in May with a total value of £25B.  This was an 18% increase in the volume of tenders over May 2017 and an increase of 15% over the average for the last six months. 

Tender Volume and Value

Tender Volume and Value May 2018

Local Government buyers published 1,036 tenders in May, over three times as many as Central Government buyers. However, the Ministry of Defence published 45 tenders - the highest volume of any buyer this month.

Tender Volume By Buyer Type

Volume By Buyer Type May 2018                                                                                           Tender Volume

Based on tender volume, Construction has been the biggest sector for every month in 2018.  686 Construction tenders were published in May.

Tender Volume By Sector

Tender Volume By Sector - May 2018

Two high value tenders relating to energy were published this month. Notting Hill Housing Trust published a £1.2B tender for a dynamic purchasing system for the supply of water, gas and electricity.

Transport for London published a £1B tender for an "Energy for Londoners" framework to deliver one of Sadiq Khan’s key election promises, providing gas and electricity directly to households in London under the ‘Energy for Londoners’ brand.

Top 5 Tenders 
Contracting Authority  Contract Title Type Bid Deadline FW Tender Value
Bridgend County Borough Council Provision of a Care Home Service along with a Lease Agreement Tender 01/06/2018 N £2.5B
Birmingham City Council Procurement of a Framework Agreement for Construction Works PIN   Y £2.0B
Northern Ireland Water IF104 Integrated Partnerships Framework Tender 20/06/2018 Y £1.7B
Efficiency East Midlands Ltd DPS Modular Homes - Manufacture and Installation Tender 31/05/2023 Y £1.5B
Notting Hill Housing Trust Dynamic Purchasing System for Supplies of Water, Gas and Electricity Tender 09/05/2022 Y £1.2B

At least 3,116 awards worth £1.6B relating to services are due to expire between July and December 2018. The IT & Telecoms sector has the highest value of expiring awards accounting for 31% of the total value.

Expiring Awards - July to December 2018

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