The UK justice technology market is thriving

The UK justice technology market is thriving

Posted by Lloyd Johnson on 02 December 2020

Our analysis, as part of a recent event with techUK on technology spending in the justice sector, was particularly revealing. Tussell Founder, Gus Tugendhat presented a series of insights on the market, which provided some unexpected findings on just how lucrative this area can be for tech suppliers.

Most notably, justice buyers have spent more on technology, as a proportion of total spending, than the public sector as a whole. In fact, it's more than double.

Our analysis also revealed that tech spend has been growing in the justice market, topping more than £700m per annum in 2018 & 2019, with 2020 on track to be the largest yet - driven by Covid-19 and increased digitalisation of the justice sector in areas such as cloud and the adoption of 'video enabled justice'. 


It was also good news for tech tenders in justice, which have almost returned to pre-covid levels, despite a dip during the height of the pandemic.

Download the full report below to get detailed insight on:

  • the value of the UK justice tech market in £ billions
  • the top buyers and suppliers
  • changes in supplier market share over time
  • analysis of contract categories; and
  • insight on expiring contracts.