Tech firms offered £7 million to stop drones being flown into prisons

Extracts from an article by Jim Armitage, City Editor of the Evening Standard.

"Tech firms are being offered a potential £7 million contract to stop drones smuggling contraband into prisons.

The Ministry of Justice has called for security experts to contact them with ideas on how to prevent inmates obtaining drugs, weapons, phones and other valuables from friends on the outside.

The widespread availability and falling price of drones has led to an increase in their use by gangs and exacerbated the chaos being wrought in jails by psychotic drugs such as Spice. 

The situation has become so extreme that the Government last year launched an anti-drone team. Now, according to a tender highlighted by research group Tussell, the MoJ has issued a “prior information notice” to the security industry, inviting bidders to pitch anti-drone technology with a view to awarding contracts totalling £7 million."

Read the full article on the Evening Standard's website.

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