Systems Integrators hold the key to Central Gov IT market

Systems Integrators hold the key to Central Gov IT market

Posted by Lloyd Johnson on 07 June 2021

Spending with technology companies by Central Government rose to a staggering £4.4bn in 2020, up from £4.2bn in 2019. This is just one of the major findings presented during our latest webinar with long-term Tussell partners, techUK.

By conducting in-depth analysis of the market in preparation for the event, we were able to discover a wealth of new insights, which included:

  • The crucial role of Systems Integrators (SIs)
  • The growth of competitors outside of the top 10 suppliers
  • The proportion of total spend on IT
  • The top suppliers for key central departments
  • The frameworks being used most; and
  • More than 6,000 contracts due to expire in the next 18 months

For those in the technology space there is clearly an abundance of opportunity - not only to work directly with the government, but through partnering with other firms who are already well established in the public sector.

For those outside of the technology industry, however, it also provides a timely reminder of the ever-increasing digitalisation happening in the public sector. As a minimum, being aware of the current solutions used by government and how your services may intersect these can be a valuable differentiator when pitching for new business.

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