Strategic Suppliers' public sector revenues fell in 2019
This report looks at how much the government spent with its 35 ‘Strategic Suppliers’ in 2019, including analysis of their revenues, contract wins and public sector customers. Enter your details below to download the full report.

The government’s relationship with its suppliers is more important now than ever. The public sector will be heavily reliant on them to help it through this time of need, and this work will be a critical source of income for companies as other markets slow down.

There are 35 companies that the UK government classifies as its ’Strategic Suppliers’. While some are household names, some may be relative unknowns to the general public. But they are responsible for delivering some of the most essential public services, from fixing roads, building schools and hospitals, managing IT systems and much more.

Last year a fifth of evidenced government procurement spending went to the Strategic Suppliers. Understanding the public sector’s relationship with these companies is essential to understanding the market as a whole. Our report, published today, shines a spotlight on these firms to show how much they’re earning, who from - and where their competition will come from. 

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Key Findings:

  1. In 2019, 22% of evidenced public sector procurement spending was with the Strategic Suppliers
  2. Two thirds of them saw reduced public sector revenue - despite a rise in overall spending
  3. But the fight-back is on - collectively the firms signed new public sector contracts worth £17bn
  4. Three departments spent more than half of their procurement budget with the Strategic Suppliers 
  5. Consulting firms bucked the trend of reduced government revenues - with one seeing 50% revenue growth 
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