Public Sector Recruitment Market: 2024 Snapshot

Public Sector Recruitment Market: 2024 Snapshot

Posted by James Piggott Picture of James Piggott on 28 March 2024

In FY18/19, the public sector spent £2.8 billion with recruitment suppliers.

By FY22/23, this figure ballooned to over £5.4 billion - a 93% increase.

But what does this rapidly expanding market look like?

We've taken data from Tussell's market intelligence platform to produce a snapshot of the public sector recruitment market in 2024

The free report takes a deep dive into the top buyers, suppliers, frameworks and trends in the public sector recruitment market to help you anticipate upcoming opportunities.

  • Uncover where £5.6b of public sector recruitment contracts are set to roll off in the next 24 months

  • See which frameworks are being used the most by your target customers

  • Discover which 10 companies are responsible for 59% of all public sector recruitment revenue

You can download the snapshot - for free - here.

Recruitment Snapshot Graphic 2024

The 2024 Recruitment Market Snapshot was put together using data from the Tussell platform.

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