Today we are at the Public Sector Show in Manchester. This expo is perfectly timed for us to highlight a largely overlooked good news story about local government procurement in the North West, the North East, and Yorkshire & Humberside. Contracts worth £3.6bn were awarded by local authorities in the North so far in 2018, and with nearly £1bn expiring in 2019 there is a clear pipeline for future opportunities.

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Local Government Procurement Remains on an Upward Trend

In the third quarter of 2018 over 1000 awards, with a combined value of £1.2bn, were published, this made it the third largest quarter in terms of award value since the beginning of 2015.



£1bn Worth of Awards Set to Expire in 2019

2019 will see the expiration of large amounts of Local Government contracts, given this fact, now is the time to start engaging with Northern Local Government buyers. 

Abundant Opportunities for SMEs

Of all the Local Government authorities in the North, it is Rochdale that has handed the highest proportion of its awards to SMEs; around half of the award value issued by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council since 2015 has gone to SMEs.



The story of the growth in Northern Local Government procurement has gone largely unremarked upon, yet the increase is significant and with nearly £1bn worth of awards set to expire in 2019, it looks set to continue.

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