KPMG’s share of UK public sector contracts drops sharply

Extracts from an article by Madison Marriage, accounting and tax correspondent  for the Financial Times.

“The value of new UK public sector contracts awarded to KPMG has dropped by almost 80 per cent since 2015 amid a series of high-profile scandals involving the Big Four accounting firm.

KPMG won public sector contracts worth £12m last year compared with £22m in 2016 and £55m in 2015, according to figures from Tussell, a research firm that compiles data on public procurement.” […]

"The top 10 public sector buyers of services from the Big Four collectively issued contracts worth £186m last year, of which KPMG secured £3.6m, according to Tussell.

By contrast PwC, a rival, has nearly doubled the value of awards it received from public sector organisations during the past three years, from £49m in 2015 to £99m last year, the Tussell figures showed.”

Read the full article on the Financial Times website.

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