KPMG quits the Grenfell probe over audit clash

Extracts from an article by Jim Armitage (city editor), Joanna Bourke (business reporter) of the Evening Standard.

“Accountancy giant KPMG has quit as the adviser to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry after the Evening Standard revealed it has earned millions of pounds offering audit and other services to the three biggest organisations to be investigated.

The inquiry, which is under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Office, hired KPMG as a project management adviser last year.

The inquiry made the appointment despite being made aware that KPMG was auditor to the much-criticised Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Rydon, the contractor in charge of the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower that appears to have caused the tragedy.” […]

“KPMG’s role emerged in filings monitored by research group Tussell.”

Read the full article on the Evening Standard website.

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