Is Capita the next Carillion?

Extracts from an article by Joel Hills, Business Editor of ITV News.

“An unexpected profits warning, and a slump in the share price at another big outsourcing company.

Capita is doing a passable impression of Carillion - but while Capita is in trouble, it’s not dead yet.

Capita’s new chief executive, Jonathan Lewis, has suspended the dividend and is tapping (long-suffering) shareholders for £700m to pay alarmingly high levels of debt.

Part of the “significant change” that is promised to turn Capita around will include cost cuts and out-sourcing.” […]

“According to Tussell, which collects data on public tenders and government contracts, Capita has won more business from HM Government since 2015 than any other private sector supplier. £238m of those contacts are set to expire in 2018.”

Read the full article on the ITV News website.

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