Hundreds of facilities management opportunities falling through the cracks

Hundreds of facilities management opportunities falling through the cracks

Posted by Admin on 03 May 2019

Exclusive analysis by Tussell has revealed that facilities management (FM) suppliers are missing out on hundreds of opportunities with the public sector because they aren't listed on some of the most important frameworks. 


The public sector owns properties across the country and relies on private sector providers to help manage these facilities. Public buyers are increasingly turning towards the use of frameworks - essentially preferred supplier lists - to award contracts in this sector.


FM stats across the public sector since 2015;


  • Over 400 facilities management frameworks created
  • More than 250 buyers involved 
  • Not a single firm is named on more than 30 of these frameworks, leaving hundreds of potential opportunities on the table.


With such a complex patchwork of frameworks that companies need to be listed on to address the whole market, it can be difficult to understand how to target these opportunities with limited resources. Tussell's unique database of UK public sector contracts allows you to map this market, plan your strategy and enhance your public sector business development.

Frameworks become increasingly popular

Over 400 facilities management framework agreements have been created since 2015 by the public sector with 122 frameworks in 2018 alone, and more than 20 have been created in 2019 so far.


Buyers across the country are creating frameworks

More than 250 buyers have created frameworks since 2015, from all across the country. Buyers in London, Tyne & Wear, West Midlands and Manchester are particular active.


Only 1% of suppliers named on 10 or more frameworks

Of the 2,626 suppliers named on these FM frameworks, only 1% are named on more than ten. Two thirds of suppliers are named on only one framework - and are thus missing out on millions of pounds of public sector business.


There are at least 70 public sector facilities management frameworks expiring before the end of 2020. With frameworks so important to public sector purchasing - and so many suppliers missing out on them - being named on the next iterations is vital. Enter your details below to download the full report for further insight into this sector.